Our Mission

Our mission defines who we are and how we work.

Land is the most basic elements of survival. Ruentex Materials always tries to create a healthy environment beneficial to the city. Our in-depth cultural background and geographical characteristics of the research base, taking into consideration the climatic conditions, local conditions to create bio-diversity, the natural formation of ecological networks, we hope to bring feelings of pleasure for everyone.

To reach this mission, Runtex Materials always sticks with high-quality materials and strictly implements ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and ISO50001. To ensure excellent quality, we have our own quality system that continuously follows the development of the quality work. Through our focus on quality, we hope to let the people of Taiwan live in peace of mind.

To reach this mission, we have to provide clients safer materials and better service. Ruentex Materials always try to strengthen competitiveness with smart manufacturing that create value.

Runtex Materials belongs to Runtax Group, leading group in Taiwan. Runtex Materials is the largest ready-mixed mortar production and sales company in Taiwan. It has a strong R&D team dedicated to the development of cementitious materials and ultra-high strength grouting material ShifuGrout designed to comply with hot weather in Taiwan and for the high performance requirements for onshore and offshore wind turbine foundation installations, such as jackets, monopole and tripods.

You are always welcome to contact us and ask questions as needed.